Summer ‘camp Pt. 1

Owl :: Stone Loner

Oakland’s Owl take it right back to the farm and yank on the roots with their new EP, Stone Loner. Part stoner  rock and a hefty dose of straight up old metal, Owl put both legs in the bell bottoms. Stone Loner was done with Magick Hermit Records and Tombs In The Valley Productions in England, available as a 7″ or download.

Stone Loner :: Owl :: Stone Loner EP (2012, Owl)

Kingdom of the Holy Sun :: Kingdom of the Holy Sun

Shoe-hazy sounds from Seattle’s Kingdom of the Holy Sun…If you dig Brian Jonestown Massacre, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor and the like then grab a seat on the throne and put on the sunscreen. Kingdom of the Holy Sun was a recent valis Pick of the Week for good reason.

Her Sweet Delight :: Kingdom of the Holy Sun :: Kingdom of the Holy Sun (2011, Kingdom of the Holy Sun)

Het Droste Effect :: Lingerland

The Netherland’s Het Droste Effect follow-up their great debut with Lingerland, available to download. Fully delivering on the promise of their debut, Lingerland has a sharper focus and reveals more of what’s under their hood, from the ‘space rock to kraut to lo-fi stoner.’

Lingerland :: Het Droste Effect :: Lingerland (2012, Het Droste Effect)

Invisible Path :: Message of Sky

The product of the prolific Michael Bailey, Invisible Path focuses on ‘on strengthening the spiritual bonds between people/artists through the free form electric connectivity of drone improvisations, utilizing the various instrumentation and energies of each individual.’ All with droned out cosmic sounds to show you the way…Message of Sky is just one of many releases from Invisible Path. Minimal and aimed at ‘deep listening,’ Invisible Path feels both like a buzzing walk underneath the stars and a voyage into them. Bailey also heads up Astral Creek Tapes & Discs, shepherding his own meditative bliss as well as collaborations with other voyagers. His sonic sprawls are available to download, but his sentiment and mission is much more…corporeal…and spiritual…

Astral Creek is the humble, home-based vessel with which I release some of my solo and collaborative music endeavors. I enjoy hand-making sleeves and covers, home-recording and dubbing my own tapes and releasing them personally to people either in person or through snail mail. It makes the bond that much better between the music, the listener and me, the musician…

Anywhere There Is Air (Respiratory Meditation) :: Invisible Path :: Message of Sky (2012, Astral Creek)

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