Void Generator :: Phantom Hell And Soar Angelic

Here’s one that, despite rising prices, keeps the motor running. For a good long time. Coming out of Italy, Void Generator put the sonic whammy on a vintage piston-pumping sound that collapses the early sounds of stoner/space rock with long psych stretches that can dabble in newer prog leanings. By no means a retro retread, Phantom Hell and Soar Angelic {Phonosphera, 2010} comes across more faithful than fawning. 4 tracks, clocking in from 13 to 20+ minutes, Phantom Hell and Soar Angelic walks the fine line between down tempo stretches and forward drive. Void Generator obviously have some place to go, but they get there in their own time, never losing sight or control of the riffs and hooks that sucked you in at the get go.

Message From The Galactic Federation gets the motor running right out of the gate: a foot-stomping, snarling, big-ass rocker full of drive and focus. If you got a killer riff, use it. But by all means use it well. Pulling off that elusive trick of hammering the signature riff home relentlessly and having the song seemingly keep escalating, Message From The Galactic Federation is the obvious opener and perfect calling card. The Morning starts out quietly shuffling with hushed vocals and pinging flourishes that keep the temperament down, as the band snakes into high gear. It’s a slow rolling, and boiling, workout that ramps up steadily making the track and the band tense and coiled and ready for release on the arguable centerpiece, The Eternaut. A bubbling, bluesy bass roll anchors The Eternaut and leads you into the swaggering grind that ups the ante more than once, doing it with the quieter ingredients as much as the bombast.

[untitled] closes out the disc, lumbering on without dragging. It’s a bit more artier and extravagant than the other cuts, but collapses Void Generator’s sound until it needs to release itself somehow. And it does. Long and with slightly prog-leanings, [untitled] is as focused and tightly wound as the other cuts. This is the big pay-off at the end for the takers who don’t shy away from the long running times and just go for the ride, not the destination. With plenty of rest stops along the way to duck into the woods and get lost, doing what you need to do…or want to do.

It’s mostly an instrumental platter, but the vocals, in my opinion, are perfectly matched to a stellar production job that doesn’t just recreate a vintage ground-zero as much as cherry pick the elements that made them so influential to begin with and drag them in line with the here and now; a sort of modern classicism. With only four hefty tracks, there’s plenty of digressions and side trips, but it’s still packed with plenty of great riffs and hooks that ground Phantom Hell and Soar Angelic on a rock solid {pun intended} foundation. More genre melding than hopping, Phantom Hell and Soar Angelic should satisfy joneses for classic stoner rock, modern prog-metal and psych bouts, and flat-out space rock.

Message From The Galactic Federation :: Void Generator :: Phantom Hell and Soar Angelic {Phonosphera, 2010}

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